Montag, 24. Dezember 2012

Make a Wreath Form for a Deco Mesh Wreath

Today we are going to show you how to make your own work wreath. A work wreath is the most common wreath form used for deco mesh wreaths. Unfortunately, work wreaths are not available at crafting stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby etc. However, you can find a very basic version of deco mesh there, which you can use in combination with this self-made work wreath.

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For this tutorial you are going to need:

  • 1 box wire wreath
  • pipe cleaners
You can find both at your local crafting store. If is up to you which color of pipe-cleaners you want to use. You never go wrong with a color that matches your deco mesh though!
For this tutorial we used a 12 inches box wire wreath and 10 pipe-cleaners. You can choose a bigger form if you want, but don't forget that you will then need more pipe-cleaners as well!

In this picture you can see a work wreath with gold pencil twists (left) and a regular box wire wreath (right).

You are going to need a 12 inches box wire wreath form as well as 10 pipe-cleaners.

We will start with the outer ring by placing a pipe-cleaner under the two outer wires right at the crossbar.

Bring the two ends of the pipe-cleaner together.

Tie the two ends of the pipe-cleaner up very tightly! The tighter you tie them up, the less likely they are to slide on the wreath later.

Take a look at this picture. We tied them so tight that the wire started to bend a little bit! (Yes, that's how thight it should be!)

Finish the outer ring by using 5 pipe-cleaners at each one of the 5 crossbars. 

Now we start with the inner ring by doing exactly as we did with the outer ring. Place the pipe-cleaners right in the center between the two pipe-cleaners on the outside by using the 2 inner wires.

Tie it up tightly!

This is what the finished self-made work wreath should look like!

We decided to use a brown mesh with copper tinsel, fall leaves and a big artificial pumpkin! What are you going to use for your work wreath?

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