Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

Make A Heart-Shaped Mesh Wreath for Valentines Day

I know... I know... it is not even Christmas yet and we already started to stock up for Valentines Day. How odd is that? But if you consider that Valentines Day is only 8 weeks or so away, it is about time for one of our tutorials!

Today, Vanity Wreaths is going to show you how to make a heart-shaped mesh wreath. If you haven't crafted a mesh wreath before, you might want to skip on this one and try yourself on a round one first. Crafting a heart shaped mesh wreath isn't rocket science, that's for sure. However, your wreath will turn out much better if you are a little more experienced with mesh wreath crafting , since we are going to need very even loops in different sizes.

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For this wreath we are using a 24 inches work wreath in heart shape with red tinsel twists. If you don't have a work wreath available, you can buy one of the heart-shaped box wire wreaths from on of your local crafting stores. You are going to need red pipecleaners as well in order to have the tinsel twists just like on our work wreath here.

If you don't know how to make a work wreath from scratch, take a look at our tutorial!

Of course you are going to need a full roll of 21x10 deco mesh, also know as poly or geo mesh. You can find a very basic version of it at your local crafting store. We decided to use a premium red with pink, but a deluxe red or deluxe pink would sure turn out amazing as well!

A work wreath has 2 levels: the outside and the inside level. We are going to start with the inside level! 

You might want to pull up the tinsel twists like we did on the picture. That makes the crafting process easier.

If you have the mesh roll on your left or right side is up to you. But no matter which side it is going to be, it is always a good idea to have a good amount of mesh rolled down and available to grab it.

Gather the mesh between your fingers. Make sure that you gather it evenly. Some of our florists prefer to gather it and fold it in little layers, as shown on the picture.

Place the gathered mesh between two of the tinsel twists, push it down and secure it into the wreath form by twisting the two tinsel twists together.

Twist the tinsel 1 time if you want to add ribbon at a later point, but twist it at least 2 timesif there is not going to be anything added to the wreath that has to be secured by the tinsel twists.

This is what the first tinsel wtist should look like.

The next step is to gather some more mesh. For the form we are using here, we recommend the length of 11 inches, since the wreath form is quite big. If you have a smaller wreath form, you might want to try using 9 inches instead.

This is the first loop on our wreath. Work the mesh around the inside level of the wreath form in exactly the same way as shown. 

Try to have the same length of mesh gathered for every single loop. This will ensure an even shape and a gorgeous wreath base!

After you finished and secured the last loop on the inside level of the wreath form, cut the mesh right behind the twisted tinsel with a scissors.

Start on the outside level and repeat all the steps.

This is how your wreath should look like after you finished with both levels. 

If you used a smaller form, your wreath will not be empty in the mittle, but completely filled with mesh. 

You can now attach ribbon, signs, ornaments or just leave it the way it is. If you want, you can cut the ends of the tinsel twists, or leave them the way they are. It is up to you!

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